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Many laptops and desktop Windows PCs have a special socket that can be connected to TVs. Buy a cable if you have S-Video sockets. Amazon and eBay sell 12-foot-long cables for less than 5. It will be significantly more expensive to buy the cable at a local shop 20-50+. The S-Video socket it is round and has two pins on each side. There are also two pins on each side. Keyways can be found at the top and bottom. You can view a photo by going to images, Google, s-video.

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If you own a desktop computer, check the sockets and cards on your PC front and rear. A powerful video card will make it more likely that your desktop computer has what you need. Connect the cable to both devices. Switch on the TV, and then switch to the Video Input that corresponds with the socket. A label next to the socket will tell you which Input. Reboot the PC. Windows will find the TV when you launch Windows. The TV might flicker occasionally. Windows will not allow you to add a second monitor or TV.

Next, we will configure the monitors to create a Desktop for Windows that is twice the width of the current Desktop. Right Click on a blank space you will see a menu on your Windows Desktop. Click on flixgot Properties or Personalize, then click on the Display Settings tab. Click on the Monitor No. 2. You will be asked if you want to enable it. Click Yes. Set both monitors’ resolution to 800×600 higher resolutions are possible, but may not work.

Check the box Extend my Windows Desktop on This Monitor.  Click ok or apply. You should only see if everything is in order. Your normal Desktop with icons on your laptop monitor and a copy your Desktop background without icons on the television set. Now your Windows Desktop will extend across both monitors. You can test this by moving the mouse pointer towards the TV set.

The second monitor might be Black and White because of the limitations of simpler video cards. You can either get another computer or choose B and. Or, you could try choosing fewer colours. To avoid confusion, click and drag 2 monitor icon to the left side of your laptop. Start your internet browser Use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome to access Netflix or any other website. Select the movie that you want to watch online. To make sure that your browser is not full screen, click the box or double-box in the upper right corner. This will reduce the size of your browser to a smaller resolution than full-screen. You can now click and drag the browser’s top to one side, and then drop it onto the TV. Double-click the box or double-box to expand it to the full screen on the TV.